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International Acting and Voice Coach

Mel Churcher has a range of books and articles all designed to help anyone interested in acting understand it further. She has developed her processes and an understanding of the actor's needs through decades of working at the practical cliff-face of film (both on and off set) plus years of teaching in drama schools and her own acting and theatre directing. Her books are designed for anyone, at any level, who is passionate about acting - from students to actors and directors already working in the business.

Mel has written three books for actors:

The Elemental Actor

The Elemental Actor

This is available both in printed form and as an ebook

'Our bodies know even more than our conscious imagination': Mel Churcher on our elemental drives and how we can harness them in the acting process

Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Quintessence. We are all a complex mixture of the five elemental energies identified by many different cultures throughout history. Here, international acting coach Mel Churcher shows how an elemental approach to acting can help you bring your role more fully into life.

"I've worked primarily with screen actors for the last few decades, but my roots are in theatre. My first passions lay in the primal drives of myth and magic. All of my work has been shaped by the years I spent as an actor, director and voice coach working on Shakespeare, Ibsen, Chekhov, Lorca, Wedekind, Timberlake Wertenbaker and Peter Shaffer, in large spaces with actors and audiences sharing moments of excitement and revelation. The power of those shared moments resides in something primal in our nature: something that goes deep into who we are."

"The ancient Greeks believed that the world was composed of four elements: Earth, Air, Fire and Water. Plato's disciple, Aristotle (who knew a lot about acting, saying that mankind does it from childhood onwards out of sheer delight) added a fifth element to his list. He called it Aether, Quintessence or Spirit. In some traditions it is referred to as space or void."

"These five elements can also be found in both Hinduism and Buddhism. The same elements are part of the ancient cultures of Egypt and Babylon, Tibet and Japan. They transcend any single culture, recurring again and again throughout human history. These same elemental forces can be found swirling around – sometimes overtly, sometimes as an undercurrent – in many of the screenplays that I work with now, whether they are about superheroes or power-seeking executives."

"Our stories haven't changed in any fundamental way since the dawn of human time."

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Acting for Film: Truth 24 Times a Second

Acting for Film: Truth 24 Times a Second

This is available both in printed form and as an ebook

This book is intended as a complete overview and includes detailed ideas, tips and techniques for preparation as well as practical help with the medium. As well as actors at all levels, it would be useful to directors and performers coming from other disciplines such as singers, dancers or models.

"An extraordinary achievement. This is consummately the film actor's bible." -- The Society of Teachers of Speech & Drama Journal

"Mel Churcher has the distinct advantage of extensive personal experience and has produced a quarry of useful tips and resources." -- Direct: The Magazine of the Directors Guild of Great Britain

"This is now on our required reading list"-- London Academy of Dramatic Art

A Screen Acting Workshop

A Screen Acting Workshop

This is available as paperback with DVD or ebook with online resources

This book takes you through the whole process of preparation and filming in an extremely practical way and has the added advantage of providing clips from real workshops to show the work in action.

There is an informative foreword by Jeremy Irons

"When the whole business seems to have gone loopy, dip into Mel Churcher's book; somehow she always makes sense. 'A Screen Acting Workshop' is a great book to dip into."-- Bob Hoskins

'One of those rare things, a book written for a specific purpose but which contains truth and facts which go far beyond what it says on the cover...The whole package is eminently approachable, direct, entertaining and perceptive; the DVD is smoothly edited, explicit and professional. The written text is substantial, with lots of extra information and exercises plainly laid out and easy to find... a joy'-- Communicating Voice, British Voice Association

"This book is not just exclusively for those who would be screen actors, but for all those, both teachers and actors, who wish to find 'truth' within the role they have been given. The plus is the DVD, which is a joy to watch and a 'gift' for all those teachers of drama." -- Word Matters

Mel's books give an insight into working in film and television. They are highly practical and cover every aspect of the work - from auditions to performance; from the organic to the technical; from dealing with emotion to dealing with props.

Preparation for Film and Television Work

Mel explains how to move easily between stage and screen: how to build on your own energy and individuality to forge specific roles; how to cope with the lack of rehearsal when filming; how to prepare while remaining free in the moment..

There are tips for keeping your confidence, coping with auditions, and making the complex seem simple...

Theatre is not 'big' or screen 'small' - both need to be as real and alive as life at its most intense and vital. But in theatre we reach to an audience; in screen work the camera sees you think. In theatre we perform to; on screen we need only believe in.

It is not how you say it but why. These books help you to find out the why.