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London screenwriters Festival

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  • 21-11-2016
London screenwriters Festival
Yesterday (October 24th 2015) I had a great morning running the session: 'Thinking Like an Actor' at the London Screenwriters' festival.
'It's not WHAT you say - but WHY you say it - and what lies beneath' - was my main theme...Life, Logic, Depth, Thoughts, Real Speech, Actions, Ammunition...
As actors we need roles of all types, sexes, ethnicity and abilities; roles that live, have lived and will live; roles with pasts, needs, dreams. Roles that take action and drive through obstacles creating drama...
I was helped by my Magnificent Seven actors: David Curtis, Philip Labey, Ben Newham, Jane Perry, Rose Riley, Whoopie Van Ram and Carole Walton - thanks to all of them!! Also to my great tech. team & DOP Seb.